• Improve Forecast Accuracy (Patent Pending)
  • Compare Forecasts across time periods
  • Domain Trends Analysis
  • Recommendations Engine using Machine Learning
  • Multilingual Planner Communication

Why choose Forecast in a box?

Forecast in a Box is a self service Demand Planning and analytics platform. It is designed with a “No Ops” model. It needs no Sys Admin, DBA or IT to maintain the system or the database. The collaboration platform allows you to take ACTION on the key deviations in the Demand Planning. The platform is robust and can scale up to practically ANY volume of Data or Users

Collaborative analytics that simplifies Forecasting process

Imagine your business powered by technology that's beautiful, easy-to-use, and customised with industry-specific functionality.
Social collaboration tools, enhanced mobility, and an intuitive user interface will empower you to innovate and stay competitive.

Cloud based Forecasting

Planning Collaboration

Connected Forecast

Forecast Accuracy

Near Real Time Updates

Advanced Analytics

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Easier Forecasting Predictions

Enable predictive analytics of your demand data with minimal effort improving your visibility and planning into the future.

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Better Demand Visibilty with loT Device Data interface

Enable device and machine data interface through our open API's that make it simple for your to leverage for better demand planning. Allows you to gain NEAR REAL TIME inventory access across geographies

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Collaborate Across Value Chain and take action

Take action while you are in the analytice insights.
Enable voice, video and messages to get in touch with your planning community and drive action across the supply chain.



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High Volume Big Data Ready

Our platform can scale up to ANY volume of data with any VARIETY of data. Our price/performance comparison is superior compared to similar producstin the market.

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Connectivity for data imports

Rest API

Traditional Database


Google Docs

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Security compliance

Highly secure platform with ability to integrate with corporate single sign on
and integrates with and




ISO 27001


PCI DSS v3.0